Oct 21, 2008

We are experiencing techinical difficulties

Something is not working with the new Black Women in Europe Blog and I am working to correct it now.

In the meantime you have been directed here.

Wish me luck getting the new site back online.


HustleKnocker said...

get things back up and running. glad you like the mixtape.

SjP said...

I was sent an amazing video today that I thought you might enjoy. You may have seen it already - but, just in case, here's the

Black Women in Europe said...

HK, I LOVE the mixtape. And I am spreading the love. I've shared it on the Black Women in Europe social network and the Women of the African Diaspora social network.

The file was too big for me to upload elsewhere.

Thanks again!

Black Women in Europe said...

SJP, thanks for the video link! I'll check it out post haste.

CWT said...

Looking forward to seeing the site up and running...

BlackWomenInEurope said...

Thanks CWT! You'll be happy to know we're back up and running: