Jun 27, 2008

Italian Vogue: Black issue - July 2008

The July issue of Italian Vogue will feature all Black models. How beautiful is that? I would love a copy.

Get a preview now, and be sure to pick up a copy. Rumour has it they don't expect this issue to sell that well.


Anonymous said...

where can i get a copy? In english preferably

Black Women in Europe said...

I don't know if Italian Vogue publishes in Enlighs. It is the Italisan version after all.

Check your news stand. A big one. Call the Italitan Vogue office and say you want a copy!


Very cool blog.
Lord willing,I'll be in the UK soon!
Meanwhile,I want to see this issue, I need to make my way to a Universal News and buy! I'm hoping (I know that I'm probably asking too much) that at least one model is sporting her natural hair!! A GIRL CAN DREAM, right? :-D

Black Women in Europe said...

I wonder if there are any locks or twists or 'fros in this issue. My mother in DC is on the look out for a copy.

Here is the link to the publisher's website:

www.stuffafricanpeoplehate.com said...

I looked at the site and could not find the English link. I can't believe that they don't expect it to sell well.

Black Women in Europe said...

Hej stuffaricaneoplehate,

I am not sure there will be an Engilsh link.

But don't let that keep you from getting a copy of this issue!

madison said...

i was looking on ebay and some of the covers have a part at the bottom that says "free gift:runway issue", whereas others dont. i was wondering if one or the other was better for collecting, or it one was a fake.
any advice?

BlackWomenInEurope said...

Hi Madison, the magazine I bought had the runway special included, so I don't think it's fake.