Jun 25, 2008

I just found out the I will be a credentialed blogger at the Democratic National Convention in Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My blogging colleague African American Political Pundit has invited me to join his team in Denver in August as a credentialed blogger at the Democratic National Convention!!!!!

I'm so excited. Now I have to raise the funds to attend and participate.

You can help:

Pass this on.


deviousdiva said...

That's great news. Best of luck in raising money.

Black Women in Europe said...

Thanks DeviousDiva!

If I can get 300 supporters to donate $10 I can make my airfare from Sweden and get a hotel room.

Here is the link to contribute:

It would be great it you can share it with others who would like to help a sister get to this historic event.

Blackgirl On Mars said...

This is great. I'll donate something before I leave.
Lots of hugs and represent!

Black Women in Europe said...

Thanks Black Girl on Mars!

I feel I can raise the money I need to buy a plane ticket from Sweden, get a hotel room, pay for ground transportation and actually eat if I use the Obama strategy and collect small contributions from lots of people.

And you know what? People are so supportive, like you for example. I really appreciate it!