Jun 30, 2008

Black Women in Denmark Picnic

Black Girl on Mars (BGOM) in organizing a picnic for Black Women in Denmark.

What: Black Women in Denmark Picnic!
Who: Black Women in Denmark & Kids
When: Saturday August 9th , 2008 (Noon)

rsvp by July 31st

We will need drinks, salads, breads, main dishes. Please let us know what you intend to bring.

Contact BGOM via her blog if you would like to attend. Remember, the picnic is for Black Women only and their kids.

Jun 27, 2008

Italian Vogue: Black issue - July 2008

The July issue of Italian Vogue will feature all Black models. How beautiful is that? I would love a copy.

Get a preview now, and be sure to pick up a copy. Rumour has it they don't expect this issue to sell that well.

Jun 26, 2008

Young Motswana Entrepreneur Shines in Sweden

Hat tip to Time Out

TIME OUT caught up with Ayesha Bontle Quraishi, a Botswana born entertainment entrepreneur who now resides in Sweden

Interview By: Thabiso Maretlwaneng on her recent visit to the country of her birth as part of a Swedish Embassy initiative.

Aisha is poster the poster child for ambition. Not content with just being an accomplished hip-hop artist with four albums under her belt, she also has her hand in fashion design, filmmaking, television presenting on Swedish TV1, motivational speaking, lecturing and she runs a fully fledged multimedia production company.

Gazette: Where and when were you born?
Ayesha: I was born in Ramotswa in 1981 and my mother comes from Manyana and my father is an Indian-Swede.

Gazette: How long have you lived in Sweden?
Ayesha: My father moved to Sweden when I was 6 years old, but he traveled a lot around the world. I lived in Tanzania for 4 years, Zimbabwe for 2 years and also in India. I came back to Botswana when I was 18 and worked for the Swedish Friendship Association in Gaborone for a year and went back to Sweden.

Gazette: How did you get into the music industry?
Ayesha: After I finished my Natural Science in A-levels, I decided not to go for university but instead get into the music industry. In 2003, I recorded a controversial demo tape and sold a copy to a well respected club and radio DJ. It got airplay on radio. I went to Universal Music and the CEO liked it but they wanted me do commercial music instead of political issues. I love politics.

Read the full interview.

Jun 25, 2008

I just found out the I will be a credentialed blogger at the Democratic National Convention in Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My blogging colleague African American Political Pundit has invited me to join his team in Denver in August as a credentialed blogger at the Democratic National Convention!!!!!

I'm so excited. Now I have to raise the funds to attend and participate.

You can help:

Pass this on.

Jun 24, 2008

Paulette West

Paulette West has been recognised in The Queen's (Queen Elizabeth of England) Birthday Honours List for an MBE for services to Banking & Business for Black Minority Ethnic people.

Here is how Paulette describes herself:

I started out as a 16 year old typist for Barclays Bank and have worked there in Managerial Positions - last position was a High Performing Organisation Manager responsible for looking after 33 sites of Barclays Bank consisting of 1,500 Managers and staff in terms of cost challenge, improving customer service, performance improvement of staff, Management and procedures.

I am the CEO of g.a.p (growing aspiring people)

I am the Director of The Black Pound

I have organised numerous Employee Volunteering Schemes in the BME community - i.e. Schools - I set up a Reading Support Programme, Hospitals - Took kids who were HIV affected on outings, Organised Playground and Youth Centres Makovers amongst others

I am the Chair for the Social Welfare and Counselling at the African Caribbean Leadership Council
I have been the Regional London Leader for the Cultural Diversity Network in Barclays Bank

I am the Events Executive for the Black Fundraisers Network

I am the Chair for Ivy Entertainment - A Performing Arts Company

I am a Connector for Make Your Mark

I am an Ambassador for Spark/Make Your Mark - Womens Enterprise Network - Make Your Mark

I have raised over £250,000 for various different charities

I have written several articles for The Voice Newspaper and Engage Magazine

I act as a mentor to people starting up their own businesses, people within the community and young children

I am an Inspirational, Motivational Speaker

Jun 23, 2008

A Complexion Change Vision II - The Collegium Forum and TV Program, Berlin

***SPECIAL Edition - REPEAT***
JUNE 23, 2008
6.00-7.30 pm/18.00-19.30 Uhr

In addition
Internet Stream: www. okb.de

Vision II

THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program Berlin
in co-operation with
Offener Kanal Berlin

Production & Direction
Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith, (co-founder/producer/director)
Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre
Black International Cinema Berlin
Cultural Zephyr e.V.

via Television, Internet, Radio in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic


Intercultural Dialogue within a Migratory Society
The future is with us, how do we respond to the inevitabilities of population change,
clash or cooperation?
Partial Portrait / Past, Present, Future?
A relationship of Europe to the world and the human contributions to a developing Europe, at the dawn of the 21st century.

Interkultureller Dialog in einer Migrationsgesellschaft
Die Zukunft ist heute.
Wie reagieren wir auf die Unabwendbarkeit der Veränderung der Bevölkerung?
Konflikt oder Kooperation?
Teilporträt / Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, Zukunft?
Eine Beziehung Europas zur Welt und der Beiträge der Menschen zu einem sich entwickelnden Europa, im Anbruch des 21. Jahrhunderts.

Moderator: Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith
Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre / Black International Cinema Berlin /
THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program Berlin / Cultural Zephyr e.V.

Oral Presentation
"Our World Between Diversity and Coming Together" /
"Unsere Welt zwischen Nähe und Distanz und zwischen Dialog und Monolog"
Mahgoub Eltayeb, Sudan/Berlin
Director, Sudanese Association
Betriebsrat, Phoenix Pharmacutical


Visual Presentation
Sonjah Prinz, Germany und Esterina Petrauschke
"One World Children's Musical"
Kinderperformance / Part I

Oral Presentation
"Diverse & Together" / "Vielfältig & Gemeinsam"
Sonjah Prinz


Oral Presentation
"Reflections" / "Überlegungen"
Gary Wiggins, USA/Berlin
Program Director, Music as Cultural Diplomacy
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Oral Presentation
"Questions about Identity" / "Fragen zu Identität"
Mark C. Donfried, USA/Berlin
Director, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


Oral Presentation
" Un Changement d'image à la française:
le multicultarisme français et le cas des banlieues" /
" A Complexion Change à la francaise:
French multiculturalism and the case of the suburbs"
Harry Louiserre, Gaudeloupe/France/Berlin
Managing Director, Classic In Black


Oral Presentation
"YES, WE CAN - The International Impact of Barack Obama" /
"JA, WIR KÖNNEN - Barack Obama Und Sein Internationaler Einfluss"
John Matip Eichler, Germany
Manager, Swiss Bank Berlin


Music and Spoken Word Presentation
A Complexion Change Orchestra

"A Complexion Change" (An Original Composition & Oral Presentation)
Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, USA/Berlin
Saxophonist/Composer & Conductor

Guest Artist
Guitar Crusher, USA/Berlin
Guitar & Vocals

"As Long (there's a Soul there's Hope)"
Jumaa Alexander Prvulovic, Germany
Vocals/co-composer for "A Complexion Change"

"Gather Your Men And Prepare Your Women"
Yamil Borges, USA/Berlin
Spoken Word

Jeremy Green, UK/Berlin

Ramani Krishna, India/Berlin

Rico McClaren, USA/Berlin

Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, Colombia/Berlin
Mahgoub Eltayeb, Sudan/Berlin
Lola Zuckermann, France/Berlin
Anke Broszio, Berlin

Rolf Gänsrich, Berlin

Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith/The Collegium, U.S.A./Berlin
Angela Kramer/The Collegium, Berlin
Marion Kramer/The Collegium, Berlin

Cordula Alkert/The Collegium, Berlin
Thomas M. Wendt/The Collegium, Berlin
Martin Kersten/The Collegium, Berlin
Tom Penman/The Collegium, Scotland/Berlin

For further information & photographic impressions,
please visit THE COLLEGIUM website.

Jun 22, 2008

The Collegium TV Program Berlin 22 June 2008

produced & directed by/produziert und geleitet von
Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre/Black International Cinema Berlin/Cultural Zephyr e.V.

Offener Kanal Berlin (OKB), Open Channel Berlin
Voltastr. 5, 13355 Berlin-Wedding

***LIVE Edition***LIVE Edition***LIVE Edition***
JUNE 22, 2008
9.00-10.00 pm/21.00-22.00 Uhr

In addition
Internet Stream: www. okb.de

"Festival Impressions 2008"
XXIII. Black International Cinema Berlin 2008
Direction/Narration: Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith/Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre

"Quatro Movimientos por el Cuerpo"
Direction: Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, Colombia/Berlin 2007

"Faith in Change, the Arrival of Barack Obama"
John-E. Matip Eichler

Choreography: Matthew Thomas
Dancer:Claire Carthew

"Time Flies"
A performance of photograph, dance and music
Akira Ando/Direction, Compositions
Susanne Wegener/Choreography, Compositions
Liebhard Zimmer/Photographs
Mayumi Fukuzaki/Dance
Shiu-Chin Yu/Dance
Orchestra Ignabru
Rainer Korf/Violin
Kai Naeve/Drums, Percussion
Nobuyasu Furuya/Bass cl, Flute
Susanne Wegener/Piano, Voice
Akira Ando/Kontrabass, Cello

Jun 21, 2008

Black International Cinema Film Awards - Winners List


Production & Direction:
Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre
The Collegium - Forum & Television Program Berlin
Cultural Zephyr e.V.
in association with
Classic in Black
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
in co-operation with
Foundation Diversity Forum, Warsaw/Poland


Best film/video by a Black filmmaker

Director: Frances-Anne Solomon, Narrative, Canada 2007

Director: Moon Molson, Narrative, USA 2007

Best film/video on matters relating to the Black Experience/Marginalized People

Director: Wolfgang Busch, Documentary, USA 1995-2006

Director: Felicia D. Furman, Documentary, USA 2005

Best children's film/video

Director: Peter Henselder, Experimental, Germany 2006

Best film/video in the Fine Arts Discipline

Directors: Joan Frosch & Alla Kovgan, Documentary, USA 2007

Director: Claudine Pommier, Documentary, Canada 2007

Best film/video documentary production

Director: Johannes Bucher, Documentary, Belgium 2007

Director: Fatoumata Coulibaly, Documentary, Mali 2007

Director: Jay Prychidny, Documentary, Canada 2006

Director: Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno, Documentary, USA 2007

Jun 20, 2008

La Condition noire

From the New York Times:

A new black consciousness is emerging in France, lately hastened by, of all things, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president of the United States. An article in Le Monde a few days ago described how Mr. Obama is “stirring up high hopes” among blacks here. Even seeing the word “noir” (“black”) in a French newspaper was an occasion for surprise until recently.

This black consciousness is reflected not just in daily conversation, but also in a dawning culture of books and music by young French blacks like Youssoupha, a cheerful, toothy 28-year-old, who was sent here from Congo by his parents to get an education at 10, raised by an aunt who worked in a school cafeteria in a poor suburb, and told by guidance counselors that he shouldn’t be too ambitious. Instead, he earned a master’s degree from the Sorbonne.

Then, like many well-educated blacks in this country, he hit a brick wall. “I found myself working in fast-food places with people who had the equivalent of a 15-year-old’s level of education,” he recalled.

Read the complete NY Times article.

Jun 19, 2008

BlogHer 2008 Conference in San Francisco July 18-20

I'm Speaking at BlogHer 08

I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in the 2008 BlogHer Conference in San Francisco next month. I'll be speaking on Friday the 18th:

Break-Out Session #3

Who We Are: Blogging with a Global Perspective

We all talk a good game about how blogging can help us communicate across time and space...and certainly across national borders. But do you know how big your audience outside your own country is? And do you bear your global audience in mind when blogging? What does it or would it change about your blogging to be a little more accessible and welcoming to a truly international community? Sometimes it's just little things...sometimes you can do more. If the blogosphere is a global village this panel will make sure you're putting out a welcome mat to the world. Join Nicole Simon (blogging from Germany), Holly Burns (a British ex-pat blogger), Claudia Mar Ruiz who blogs for the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo and Adrianne George, who runs Black Women in Europe.

You can register from this link. See you there!

Jun 18, 2008

The Role of the In-house Lawyer Event - 3 July in London

Debo Nwauzu is one of the lawyers I met in London at the International Career Symposium.

She is the founder and Managing Director of Totally Management Ltd, owners of BLD.

She is a solicitor (non-practising). From 2003 Debo became a consultant, managing and advising other firms about accreditation, systems and quality standards.

Until late 2006 when BLD became totally consuming, she created, developed, designed and delivered training courses for businesses, both one-to-one and to groups.

She is an elected school governor and a committed volunteer to a number of charities. Debo organized an upcoming event on 3 July for lawyers and those interested in becoming lawyers: The Role of the In-House Lawyer.

The role of the in-house lawyer is a free BLD event hosted by Slaughter & May, the Magic Circle law firm. The event will highlight the various roles of the in-house lawyer and in-house legal practice, opportunities in-house and comparison between an in-house role and that of private practice.

Our speakers include Sandie Okoro who is one of the country’s leading in-house lawyers who will share her experiences and tips for success. Gifty Edila will also be one of four presenters.

The event is suitable for those who already work in-house, those who want to find out more about what in-house lawyers do, those regularly instructed by in-house lawyers as well as trainees and students. It will also provide an excellent networking opportunity. Click here to download event flyer


Date: Thursday 3 July 2008 Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Slaughter & May, One Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8YY

Jun 17, 2008

Julia Titus

Julia Titus is a UK based, multi talented actress, vocalist and poet.

With roots in Jamaica and England, Julia was born to perform. Her career started at the age of four singing perfectly pitched nursery rhymes to small audiences at family gatherings. She expanded her repertoire singing along with TV and radio advertisements and by the age of ten, with no formal training, she had auditioned and secured her first stage performance. Read her full biography at her website.

Julia has performed in a number of productions both locally and nationally. Her versatile character has seen her perform in both male and female parts.

Julia is now a professional tutor in drama and vocal singing. Her past experience has enabled her to approach each project with an open mind and tailor fit her students/participants needs to suit their capability and style.

Julia’s four octave range makes her an ideal lead vocalist for most styles and genres of music. Her formal operatic training has given Julia an edge when performing across these genres. Julia says “operatic training for a singer is similar to ballet for a dancer, in that it gives you the fundamental techniques to allow consistence singing performances. By this I mean that the control and strength required for opera makes other genres easier to achieve”.

Julia is a published poet, having written material for radio and poetry publications. Her subject matter has ranged from local community issues, feminism, motherhood and world disasters. Her style of narrative is easy on the ear but strives to deliver a serious message.

She is a member of the Black Arts Alliance.

Jun 16, 2008

In Good Company

I really enjoyed being a panelist at the Corporate Council Women of Color International Career Symposium in London organized by Laurie Robinson. It was powerful being in a room of 75 Black Women Lawyers and professional sisters.

I learned from my fellow panelists Debra Martin Chase and Sandrine Joseph.

It was wonderful to see my friend Angela Shaw who came in from France and to meet her beautiful and smart daughter.

I loved the networking before and after the event. The room was a buzz among the flurry of busienss card exchanging.

Jun 13, 2008

Pictures and details coming on Monday

Yesterday's International Career Symposium in London was so good I want to tell you all about it in detail and with photos.

So I will do just that on Monday when I am back in Sweden.

Have a great weekend!

Jun 12, 2008

18.30 GMT

I am really looking forward to the symposium tonight. Of course I am a bit nervous but I know my subject, social networks, so that makes my presentation somewhat easier to give. I am am very interested to learn from what the other speakers have to say.

I got to my hotel last night at 20.00 after arriving at Heathrow at 17.40. It took ages to get through immigration, the lines were so long. I recommend that anyone going to a London airport look into getting the IRIS clearance if your are eligible.

Wish me luck!

Jun 11, 2008

London bound: Heading out to the Corporate Council Women of Color Symposium in London today

I will be one of three presenters and will talk about social networks. I was invited to speak Laurie Robinson. Laurie Nicole Robinson was recently promoted to the newly created leadership role of Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of CBS Corporation, where she reports directly to the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of CBS Corporation.

Sandrine Joseph, a dynamic sister in Paris, put her in touch with me. Sandrine is an entrepreneur at Orange Labs’ incubator focusing on high potential and risky new businesses development for France Telecom Group. I met Sandrine through social networking and I look forward to meeting her in person for the first time.

I will also get to see another wonderful sister I met at the Black European Women's Congress in Vienna, Angela Shaw and her daughter, and I am hoping to meet other women in the Black Women in Europe Social Network.

Jun 10, 2008

Anjula Mutanda

Anjula Mutanda is a Consultant psychology and mental health expert and Life coach , with over 15 years experience in a diversity of settings - from Kent University working with students experiencing a wide range of psychological and emotional challenges, to the cut and thrust of the City as a Stress Management Consultant, Careers Counsellor and Outplacement specialist. Anjula is also trained in managing critical Incident and post-trauma cases , and has worked with a wide range of clients from victims of crime to victims of major accidents. Read her full bio, and check out her articles.

Anjula Trained at Durham University, and following a distinction on her dissertation, was offered a key role with British Airways` Employee Assistance Programme, as a clinical therapist. She received her accreditation in January 2000, becoming one of the youngest accredited practitioners in the UK. She has since been re-accredited (MBACP) and holds the status of senior practitioner with the BACP

Anjula is passionate about Counselling and applied psychology. She`s interested in Relationships of all types, Gender issues, Group Dynamics, Culture and Diversity,

She's also keen on exploring the effects of exercise on well-being and has undertaken many fitness challenges as a result. Anjula has walked the Inca Trail in South America. Cycled in Southern France, and Southern Ireland, and her biggest challenge to date was completing the New York City marathon.

She started her Ph.D. programme in 2005, and so far has found the process illuminating, as it is a programme that is more focused on the practitioner, rather than a purely intellectual pursuit.

Jun 9, 2008

Netherlands to host Africa business conference

The Netherlands is to host the first Africa-European Conference and Exhibition about doing business in Africa dubbed: “Let’s Meet Africa and Do Business.”

The conference fixed for November this year in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, seeks to empower Africans and European business communities with a new economic and cultural concept to enhance and facilitate trade through mutual strength.

It also seeks to feature Eindhoven as a World Trade Centre with a key role for African business professionals, Mr. Marc Habets, Managing Director of OAVM Organisation & Consultancy of the Netherlands, main organisers of the event, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview on Thursday.

He said the century of donations and other financial development aid seemed to be over as many African countries had a steady economic growth and captured the attention of the business world.

“Africa is proving to be a vibrant emerging market with a climate that fosters growth. Africa is thinking out of the box and is committed to be self-sufficient without the tag of a Third World continent.”

“Africa is officially open for business and ready for take off,” he said, stressing that OAVM Organisation & Consultancy would use the conference to create a platform for products and services to the African and European communities.

Mr Habets said the past decade had witnessed growing diversity in income levels and growth across Africa, as according to international trade statistics, 16 countries grew by more than 4.5 per cent a year over this period, and a number of them (including Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda) also diversified their economies and exports.

He said the fastest growing group of non-oil producing African countries, which together represents 36 per cent of the population in Africa, grew at an average rate of 5.5 per cent.

He said in contrast, the 13 slowest-growing countries, which represent 20 per cent of the region’s population, saw average growth of only 1.3 per cent, while growth for the region as a whole reached an estimated 5.3 per cent in 2006.

Solid growth has helped to improve human development outcomes, especially in primary education.

Mr Habets said despite these positive signs, Africa was not growing rapidly enough to substantially reduce income poverty and the conference therefore seeks to give a considerable impulse in fighting poverty in Africa by organising a structural platform where business people from Europe and Africa could meet and actually do business or talk about opportunities and collaboration.

It is expected that exhibitors, business entities, financial experts and a large spectrum of acclaimed professionals from all over the world would use the conference to share a common platform for foreign investors and to network with companies from Africa, the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Representatives from World Cup 2010, Emerging Markets, Sustainable Business, Building your network in Africa, African Market research and the Development of Leadership in Africa are expected to participate.

Mr Habets said the conference was ideal for African companies who were seeking new export possibilities for their services or products and for European companies who were looking for new opportunities for their companies in Africa or an African business partner.

In addition to the European Union, interested companies from the United States and Asia would also be present.

Source: Modern Ghana

Jun 6, 2008

Jun 5, 2008


LaGaylia is an American singer, who moved to and settled in Sweden. She was born in 1962 in Florida, United States. She is the daughter of musician Hal Frazier.

During her childhood years, she was an infant prodigy in the art of piano, and everything looked set for a lifetime career within the world of piano concertos, until her music teacher suggested she'd try vocal training. In fact, LaGaylia did not begin singing until she entered the University of Miami as an academic major student in voice and musical theatre. She studied classical voice, jazz music, music theory and composition. At the university she obtained roles in numerous productions such as Cabaret, The Wiz, Gypsy and The Mikado. She became member of the music group Bandera who got a Florida radio hit with the song Voodoo. The band toured around Europe. While still living in USA she played at clubs in Florida with her own R&B band. LaGaylia was a house artist at the renowned Coconut in Fort Lauderdale.

Read more from the source.

Check this out.

Jun 3, 2008

Taste of Stockholm

A Taste of Stockholm:
4 - 8th of June 2008
Opening hours:
4 - 7th of June 11.00-23.30
8th of June 11.00-22.00

Where: Kungsträdgården (a park in the city of Stockholm)
A wide selection of Stockholm’s best restaurants will participate
serving more than 200 different dishes. Food from 25 SEK.

The stage: will present a wide variety of entertainment from
Big Band Music to Sixteenth Century Ballads to Rock´n Roll.
Price: No entrance fee.

More information

Jun 2, 2008

African Queen Germany in Berlin

The Miss African Queen Pageant was founded as a way for Africans and Europeans to unite and pay homage to the beauty and culture of Africa, and to inspire a renewed interest in Africa.

The next African Queen contest will be held in Berlin, on the 7th of June 2008 in "Der Werkstatt der Kulturen".

Buy your tickets.