Mar 14, 2008

From Sweden to Brussels to Denver?

I am heading to the Democrats Abroad (DA) Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Caucus today in Brussels.

Among other issues 4 Obama delegates will be chosen who will attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August. Additional delegtes will be chosen at other DA caucuses.

The Obama campaign has approved my application to be a delegate. Now I have to convince my peers to send me. Tomorrow I will have between 1-2 minutes to say why I should go to Denver.

Can I go to Denver? Yes I Can!

Stay tuned.


mp1 v.8.0 said...

That's the business!! I wish that I could be in that position. From the first paragrap, I assumed you needed us to vote or do something else to help get you there. Good luck with the persuasion.

Black Women in Europe said...

Thanks! I am so glad that I went. Please read March 17th post here to find out what happened.