Nov 25, 2007

BWIE Social Network's Black Holland Group Met in Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam on business and was able to meet up with 5 ladies in the Black Holland group in the Black Women in Europe Social Network.

We hugged, talked, laughed, and laughed some more. Our conversation ranged from current events, personal projects, past experiences and future plans.



Maaaan, where was this group when *I* was a little brown chick living in A'dam and, later, Wassenaar?? :)

Black Women in Europe said...

Hej FBC, sorry we weren't there when you were a little brown chick! Are you still living in Europe? If so have you joined the BWIE social network: http://blackwomenineurope.ning.com.

If you're not in Europe, join the Women in the African Diaspora social network: http://blackwomenunite.ning.com