Nov 5, 2007

Black European Women's Network (BEWNET) Launches following the 1st Black European Women's Congress in Vienna

The official website of BEWNET is online now.

The website in its present form is a work-in process. Feel free to send your feedback (suggestions, comments, or criticisms etc).

As from now onward, the website, especially the forum (please make sure to register for access) will be used for discussions of all kinds.

The first part of the forum is open to the public, with your password, you can freely access the "for members only part, where you can post and or read messages.

*Follow-up activities*

1. To prepare for the lauching of the network next year, a follow-up meeting to draft the constitution, the vision/mission, plan of action etc., and also to elect our board members will be held.

A working/strategic-meeting sometimes in March 2008* (6 months after the congress and around the International Women's Day, for this follow-up meeting in Vienna.

This strategic meeting shall bring together one or more delegates from each country present at the Vienna Congress. The procedures of the follow-up meeting shall be communicated at a later date

*2. BEWNET will officially launch in September 2008, one year after its creation, and 6 months before the EU parlamentary elections take place (they are scheduled for mid june 2009).

*3. The report of the Vienna Congress is currently being prepared. Should you have any contributions, or follow-up activities you would want included in the report, let the Black Women's Center in Vienna know before 15 November.
4. Video documentary of the congress is equally being edited and shall soon be available for sale on the BEWNET website.

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