Oct 23, 2007

A Look At Daphne Sandberg - A Workshop Facilitator at the 1st Black European Women's Congress

Daphne Sandberg facilitated the "Preparing for the Way Forward-The Importance of Networking" workshop, and moderated the question and answer session following the "European Black Womens' Perspectives: Claiming a space for Gender and Identity through Empowerment" panel presentation at the 1st Black European Women's Congress in Vienna. Daphne sits on the Executive Board of the Swedish Women's Lobby and is a representative of Roks.

Daphne is very active in promoting women's rights and has spoken on numerous occassions on different topics including "The Influence of Women and Girls' Exploitation on the Internet" at the 2006 UNESCO Chair International Symposium - World Wide Women "The Currents and Prospects of Women's Movement in the Cyber World".

Listen to an interview with Daphne on FM4 Austria radio, and read what they Swedish papers say about her here.


Miriam said...

a very inspiring blog!

Black Women in Europe said...

I am so glad that you find my blog inspiring! Thanks for telling me.