Oct 18, 2007

A Look At Beatrice Achaleke - An Organizer of the 1st Black European Women's Congress in Vienna

Beatrice Achaleke was one of the organizers of the 1st Black European Women's Congress in Vienna. She chaired several question and answer sessions with presenters, held press conferences, attended to conference attendees needs and generally was the glue that held everything and everyone together.

She is the director of AFRA, the International Center for Black Women's Perspectives in Vienna. She is an activist, anti-racism and intercultural communications trainer, and a member of the Black Austria team.

Beatrice is often invited to speak at seminars including the European Network Againt Racism Seminar titled Promoting Integration held in Brussels. She spoke about Migrant women and was quoted saying:

“Measures need to be taken not only to tackle discrimination but to address the disadvantage that has been created by years upon years of discrimination”

“Migrants create jobs; it is time for the jobs that they create start benefiting them”.

Click here to read an interview of Beatrice in German.

She also writes as part of her activism, including the article "Anti-Rassismus in der Praxis aus Schwarzer migrantischer Sicht".


Anonymous said...

Beatrice Achaleke, its great to read about your work and your warmpersonality.

Many warm reagrds,
Sahro Ahmed, another black woman in europe fan of yours!!

Black Women in Europe said...

Beatrice is great!