Feb 28, 2007

1st Black Oscar winner

Watch Hattie McDaniel's historic moment here.

Feb 27, 2007

Taking Care of Business in The Netherlands

These sisters are taking care of business in The Netherlands. They are building communities, serving our community, restoring calm to busy exeuctives and travelers, and using their artistic talent to express our community. Take a look:

The Afro European Sisters Network (AESN) is a site that focuses on networking black women in and outside of Europe. As women tell their stories it allows others to learn lessons from their lives. Sharing this knowledge will also empower women with the ability to become one.

Look at Sandra's website here.

Coloured Goodies is een multicultureel relatiegeschenken webwinkel opgezet in Juli 2006.

Coloured Goodies betekent letterlijk vertaald Gekleurde Cadeautjes. De reden dat deze naam van toepassing is op de webwinkel, is omdat alle producten die Coloured Goodies biedt, het doel hebben mensen van een andere cultuur en van een ander ras zich geïdentificeerd te laten voelen bij het kopen van een persoons gerichte give away (cadeautje).

Coloured Goodies heeft een assortiment van wenskaarten, schilderijen, baby/trouw/doop showerartikelen, etc, etc. Dit alles met een culturele insteek.

Of je nu Surinaams, Antilliaans, Marokkaans of Turks bent, Coloured Goodies kan je advies geven en je zelf laten zoeken naar het juiste cadeautje of wenskaart voor jouw geliefde. Ook maken wij ontwerpen geheel naar uw wens.

Coloured Goodies is vernieuwend door haar multiculturele aanpak en vernieuwend assortiment. Visit Coloured Goodies here.

EMANCIPATION is an exclusive lingerie line designed for the fuller black woman.

Conceived as a backlash to the trend of increasing emphasis on physical appearance, we at EMANCIPATION realized that the masses still do not have the right concept of beauty. Beauty lies within and as the saying goes, ‘is in the eye of the beholder.’

Visit Emancipation here.

Keep Track Concierge is a European Lifestyle Management Company that was started in the North West of The Netherlands by Nicole Delamore. My career started in Investment Banking, but over the years moved towards International Communications. As a business professional I am well aware of the challenges a normal day can carry and the stress that goes with it. Visit Keep Track Concierge here.

Forrest accepts his due reward

Jennifer Hudson accepts her Oscar

Feb 26, 2007

Whitaker, Hudson Win Big On Oscar Night

Two big dreams were fulfilled last night when Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson won Oscars at the 79th Annual Academy Awards. Whitaker took home Best Actor for his exceptional work in The Last King of Scotland and Hudson was honored as Best Supporting Actress for her breakout performance in Dreamgirls. Both actors had swept up numerous pre-Oscar awards—including top prizes from the Golden Globes and British Academy of Film and Television Arts—yet Whitaker and Hudson seemed genuinely shocked last night at their Oscar wins. “I thought if it would happen that I would be a little overwhelmed, and I am,” said Whitaker, as he fumbled for his acceptance speech. Hudson, who seemed overcome with emotion as she walked onstage, said, “I didn't think I was going to win but, wow, if my grandmother was here to see me now. She was my biggest inspiration for everything, because she was a singer and she had the passion for it, but she never had the chance. And that was the thing that pushed me forward to continue.” She went on to sincerely thank God, family, cast members—and Jennifer Holliday, the original actress who portrayed Effie White.

There were some upsets: Eddie Murphy’s comeback joy ride came to a halt when he lost the Best Supporting Actor award to Little Miss Sunshine’s Alan Arkin. And in the Best Original Song category, three (!) Dreamgirls songs were overlooked for Melissa Etheridge’s winning “I Need to Wake Up,” from An Inconvenient Truth. Still, the night ended on a high note. With Whitaker's and Hudson’s wins, children from East Texas to Chi Town now know that if you just believe, Oscar dreams really can come true.

Source: essence.com

Women of Color Day

The International Association for Women of Color Day was established to promote the commemoration of Women of Color Day March 1st, annually and world wide.

In 1981, the National Institute for Women of Color (NIWC) was established to build a strong national network for women of African, Alaska Native, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Latina and Pacific Island heritages and to advance the issues of Women of Color. These efforts resulted in National Strategies Conferences for Women of Color in 1982 and 1983 in Washington, DC, 1984 in Reno, Nevada and 1987 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. NIWC also published three Fact Sheets on Women of Color and as well as several NIWC Brown Papers—researched writings on issues of concern to Women of Color.

Feb 25, 2007

Taking Care of Business in the UK

These sisters are taking care of business in the United Kingdom. They are creating beautiful jewelry, selling wonderful products for the soul, providing dating services, planning fabulous events.

Visit Nakai here.

If you believe that precious time spent pampering yourself is time well spent, you have come to the right place. A place where just for a moment, you can leave behind the pressures of work and life and concentrate your energies on taking care of you... in the comfort of your home.

Modern daily living often leavs us with minimal time to pause and enjoy the things that we most love doing. But slowing down – making time to relax - is vitally important to maintaining a good sense of wellbeing. And when relaxation is the priority, the tools of relaxation that you choose should not only be the best but should be sympathetic to your needs and tastes.

Among Perle Noire’s exquisite gifts and home fragrance products, you’ll also find an amazing collection of products by Carol’s Daughter - natural, luxurious top-to-toe products that will almost certainly encourage you to pamper yourself and those close to you. Luxuriant yet effective, they melt into your hair and skin to provide the ultimate in nourishment.

Among our pages we hope you will find products that bring you much pleasure. Find that pleasure here.

Need to organise an event? Stressed out by the thought? Fast running out of time and ideas to pull it together? Then let us be the answer to all your event needs from start to finish. Tell us what you want and leave it to us so you can fully enjoy the day! Get started here.

Who’s for Dinner is a unique and fabulous new dating service organising dinner parties as social networking events for singles in London. The service is aimed at a wide range of social groups spanning race, religion and sexuality, which increases the possibility of meeting some wonderful people, making friends, establishing new contacts and possibly even romantic links. Make your reservation here.

Feb 24, 2007

Taking Care of Business in France

This sister is taking care of business in France. She's planning weddings and paying attention to the details at other special ocassions:

Get going here.

Feb 21, 2007

Hair Weaves Tangle Self-Image for Black Women by Malena Amusa

This past winter, I noticed something very unsettling while I was visiting my family in St. Louis. Almost all the black women I encountered were sporting lavishly long hair weaves, fake locks that can add length and volume after being sewed or glued to the scalp. Weaves come in straight, curly and kinky textures. But most black women with weaves wear them to extend and straighten the appearance of their naturally coiled and nappy hair.

Feb 7, 2007

His Royal Badness at the Super Bowl part 2

Survey: Blacks in France Say They Face Racial Discrimination

More than half of blacks living in France say they face racial discrimination, according to the first-ever survey on the country's black population. The findings are troubling for a country that has long prided itself on its human rights record, and its ostensibly color-blind integration model. Lisa Bryant has more for Voice Of America from Paris.